Annually, Saint Francis de Sales School has a Walkathon starting at our school in West Philadelphia, going throughout our neighborhood, and ends with a picnic and play time at Clark Park before returning to school. Each year, this is our most successful fundraiser, thanks to the hard work of our students. The students learn about philanthropy and school spirit by obtaining their own sponsors for this event.


Wheels for the Walkathon Prize Sponsors

Saint Aloysius Academy

Bronze Sponsor

Gold Sponsor

Extra Walkathon T-Shirts ON SALE NOW.

Special post-event pricing of $5 (plus shipping)

Free in-school pickup.

2017 Walkathon - October 13, 2017

Noreen Cahalane
Eileen Carroll
Bill Conway
Anne (Nancy) Croley
Kathleen Darlington
Russell Davenport
Theresa Golding
Kathleen R. Kelley
Greg Latran
Matthew McDonald
John McNamara
Paul & Kathleen Sullivan

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