Value of Quilt: $400
Description: 63” x 63”

Top: starts with dark navy and runs to light orange at the bottom, with horizontal chevron waves.
Waves of quilting, horizontal chevron waves, the evening night sky to full sunlight on the beach, the quilt is dotted with icons of the sea and shore. There are 11 of them including a large appliqué fish that swims its way through the ocean. Look for 10 embroidered images: the North Star, a dolphin, the blazing sun, seagulls, a sea turtle, a fish, an anchor, beach chair, sunglasses and a pair of flip flops. There are plenty of other under-the-sea creatures and boats/ships sailing on the ocean blue in the printed cotton blocks. Day and night, ocean and beach, sun and stars surrounded by daylight, blue sky and puffy clouds fading into a heavenly night dotted with far off stars. Use your imagination. 

​Made and donated by: Joanne M. Newnam in honor of Dorothy Logan McGettigan ’33, James J. McGettigan ’38, and Richard E. Newnam ‘59

Ticket Options

A  Day at the Beach Quilt Raffle Chances

Raffle tickets can be purchased online:

With cash or check:

  • In person, at the school's main office during school hours
  • Through the mail
    • ​Make checks payable to Saint Francis de Sales School and write "quilt raffle" on memo line
    • 1 chance - $3 
    • 2 chances - $5
    • 5 chances - $10
    • ​12 chances - $20

Please send to

Saint Francis de Sales School Attn: Stephanie Monteleone

917 S. 47th Street

​Philadelphia, PA 19143

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